Part in program and graphic simulation result of temperature distribution Copyright: © IOT Component creation in Abaqus operator interface (a) and Graphical exposition of the simulated operator interface temperature distribution during a brazing process (b)

The finite element program (FEM) Abaqus is used to simulate structural mechanic and thermal processes. Different aspects of the model like geometry, material properties, boundary conditions, interactions or meshing can be set intuitive at the modular user interface. The results can be visually presented with the integrated postprocessor. The export of the results as diagrams, images or even video is possible. Additional custom made scripts can extend the program for use in new application fields.

Examples for the analysis potential of Abaqus:
⦁ Fully or sequentially coupled thermal-stress-analysis
⦁ Deformation analysis
⦁ Contact and friction: inclusion of dynamic contact conditions
⦁ Static preload followed by transient dynamic analysis
⦁ Elastomere bonds with great strains and contact to rigid surfaces
⦁ Simulation of fracture mechanic