Ansys CFX

  Graphical user interface of the program cfx Copyright: © IOT Operator interface of the CFX software

Ansys CFX is used to solve numerical problems within the field of fluid dynamics applying the Finite Volume Method. Thereby arbitrary complex CAD geometries can be imported. The modular assembled CFX offers a standard pre-processor as well as a special pre-processor for tasks with special requirements. Furthermore, CFX provides robust solvers for solving huge amounts of fluid dynamic problems. Additionally, there exists an integrated interface to other post processors.

Examples for solving problems with CFX:
⦁ Laminar and turbulent fluid flow
⦁ Incompressible and compressible fluids
⦁ Stationary and transient flows
⦁ Subsonic, transonic and supersonic flows
⦁ Simultaneous calculation of stationary and moving geometry
⦁ Multiple phase flows and free surfaces
⦁ Heat and mass transfer
⦁ Heat radiation
⦁ Combustion, chemical reactions
⦁ Evaporation, condensation
⦁ Fluid-wall interaction