Simulations, particle velocity and gas flow in a nozzle Copyright: © IOT FE model of an APS micro structure (a) and temperature distribution during a coating of a turbine blade (b)

Fluent is a commercial software for the simulation of fluid dynamic problems, such as fluid flow, heat and mass transfer, involving turbulent, reacting and multiphase flows. Fluent is very useful for the comprehension and optimisation of thermal spray processes, where combinations of the above mentioned physical problems have to be solved. Fluent allows a fast and comfortable preparation of simulations in a user-friendly pre-processor. An additional post-processor provides high quality pictures and animations for the analysis of simulation results.

Examples of analysis with Fluent:
⦁ Compressible and incompressible fluid flows
⦁ Laminar and turbulent fluid flows
⦁ Stationary and transient simulation problems
⦁ Newtonian und non-newtonian liquids
⦁ Multiple phase flows and free surfaces
⦁ Heat and mass transfer
⦁ Heat radiation
⦁ Combustion, chemical reactions
⦁ Evaporation, condensation